DollHouseStudio – Long Finger Nails Tickling Feet While Dangling Shoe

Dangling shoe and tickling feet with long red finger nails. So foot model would lay back with her legs crossed and feet hanging off the edge of the bed or couch and dangling her heel. Tickler would sit behind her feet, somewhere around her knee and just tickle the sole of the foot while the foot twirls around and shoe is dangling from toes. It’s ok if the shoe falls off from time to time. You would just do some tickling barefoot then place the shoe back on and repeat the tickling. I love the index finger tickle technique, so if you could do a lot of that in this one I’d really appreciated. And just focus on the arch of her foot when tickling. You can add anything you like to this one. That’s all.

Duration: 7:55.966
Size: 793,923 Mb

Download – Long Finger Nails Tickling Feet While Dangling Shoe

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