DollHouseStudio – Nylon Tickling Long Red Finger Nails

I have an idea with Jenny sitting on the couch (wearing shorts and sheer suntan pantyhose) with her legs crossed. Kylie sits next to her and removes her heels and rubs her barefoot up and down Jenny’s leg and starts to play footsie with Jenny. Kylie runs her big toe up and down Jenny’s nylon covered sole. Kylie tells Jenny it’s tickle time and Kylie pulls out a stocking. Jenny puts her hands out for Kylie to tie together. Kylie pats her lap and Jenny puts her feet in her lap. Kylie ties her feet with another stocking and sensually caresses Jenny’s feet. Kylie then slowly runs her long red fingernails up and down Jenny’s feet. When Jenny’s laugh get loud, Kylie tells her to “shhhhhhh” and calms her by massaging her feet transitioning back to tickling.

Duration: 7:28.600
Size: 801,076 Mb

Download – Nylon Tickling Long Red Finger Nails

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