DollHouseStudio – Toe Tickling Under Blanket

Jenny is napping in a bed. Her feet are covered by a blanket. Her friend Kylie comes in and and decides to mess around with Jenny’s feet. She uncovers them to reveal Jenny’s soles, which are facing the camera. Kylie sits on the foot of the bed/kneels (whichever is better) by Jenny’s feet and begins to gently play with them. She pays a lot of attention to Jenny’s toes, gently massaging them one by one. She lightly runs her finger across Jenny’s soles, gently pinches her heels, massages them, etc.

That sort of thing, just some nice light foot play, but have Kylie pay extra special attention to Jenny’s toes. Have her play with them by pinching and wiggling them with her thumb and forefinger, massage them, rotate them, kind of do a “this little piggy” sort of thing. But don’t actually sing it or anything because I want kylie to be quiet like she’s respecting that her friend is napping.

Duration: 12:10.166
Size: 884,157 Mb

Download – Toe Tickling Under Blanket


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