DominatrixAlexandraSadista – Tickling Bound and Gagged Slavegirl Part 2

Are you aroused by Women in bondage being tickled relentlessly? Then this video clip is for you.

Part 2: Today I have the opportunity to determine where the most ticklish areas on My slavegirl are. I place her in inescapable bondage with mummification and rope, and tie her big toes together, blindfold and gag her. After giving her feet a good amount of attention, I venture up to her back. The plastic is cut away and her bare flesh is Mine to tickle tickle tickle!!!

Make sure to watch with the volume turned up. The sound of her giggles, squeals, and slurps to prevent drool through the ball gag, and My devious laughter will surely arouse your senses along, with the lovely visuals.

Duration: 8:58.604
Size: 1 270,981 Mb

Download – Tickling Bound and Gagged Slavegirl Part 2

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