ElValleDeLasCosquillas – Kendra and Camille Tickle Match Part 1

Kendra and Camille are ready for a tickle match! Bound to a pole, Their wrists above their heads. Soon Jack approaches ready to submit them with some intense tickling just to warm things up. With their sensitive armpits and sides exposed, both girls are in for a non stop tickling dose. Behold Kendra and Camille laughing loudly as every spot on their upperbody and feet is properly stimulated to provoke their gleeful laughter. Soon both girls are in the mood to join the fun, and take turns tickling each other mercilessly!

Starring: Kendra, Camille and Jack. This M/FF and MF/F fantasy contains feet and upperbody tickling. Fixed camera angle provides a clear view of their ordeal and reactions. Hands, feathers and brushes are used in this video to provoke their laughter. Also a generous dose of verbal teasing is applied to make them laugh even more!

Length: 33:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kendra and Camille Tickle Match Part 1

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