ElValleDeLasCosquillas – Super Weakness Again

A rare piece of Kryptonite is hidden in the museum, and a Superhero is assigned to protect it, not suspecting that a known super villain is near, ready to recover it. Her enemies soon capture her and taking advantage of her weakness, they tickle all her vulnerable spots with the intention of driving her crazy with laughter and reveal the piece’s location! Will she be able to resist the tickling?

Starring: Angie C and BabyBoy. This MMM/F tickling fantasy contains feet and upperbody tickling. Restrains are used to submit her and leave her feet and upperbody completely helpless. Angie C has a beautiful loud laughter, and giggles gleefully as three expert ticklers caress and stimulate every sweet spot to make her howl with laughter!

Length: 11:35
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Super Weakness Again

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