ExoticXscapade – A SECOND HELPING, I’m ready to dance with the devil

This is from my second shoot with Meretrixlll. The theme behind this shoot was suppose to circulate around the number 2. I doubled up on all the tools I experimented with during the first session and even incorporated some new ones(although not everything is included in this video)…two metal bristled brushes, two electric toothbrushes, two electric razors without the head, two spiked rubber balls, etc. We tried to recreate the magic from the first session, but things were a little reckless this time because that’s just the way we both seem to operate, and because we were under the influence of some mind altering substances. Anyways, I’m still probing and learning my specimen’s body and I found some new sensitive spots, like the instep of her foot…deathly ticklish. I mean this girl is so genuinely sensitive everywhere, it’s a tickler’s paradise, but with certain spots I can change the tempo, volume, pitch, and melody of her laugh. It’s almost like her body is a musical instrument, just waiting for my fingers to play!!

Duration: 29:07.395
Size: 659,545 Mb

Download – A SECOND HELPING, I’m ready to dance with the devil

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