ExoticXscapade – Tickled in the Bayou

I found out that the DC Foot Queen was in New Orleans, while randomly scrolling through my Instagram account and decided to schedule a tickle session on her last day in town, because I am a fan of her work and I’m always in the mood to torment those willing with extreme tickling. I must say that this 6 foot Amazon goddess is just as alluring in person as she is on her instagram page. Anyways, because her hotel room was not “tickle friendly” and this was last minute, I wasn’t able to restrain her like I would have preferred, but I still was efficient. Her gorgeous, and I do mean “gorgeous” size 12 feet seemed to be the most ticklish part of her body, at least from the positions I put her in, so I definitely took advantage of that weakness throughout the video. If you’re a foot tickling fan or just a foot fetish fan, I absolutely recommend this video. She has some of the most enticing and well-manicured pair of feet I’ve ever seen, and she’s one of those unique individuals who love having her feet tickled, especially with the brush on her toes. She mentions how erotic it feels and you can hear the satisfaction in her moans. It had me wondering, while editing the video content, if I could have made her climax from continuous, uninterrupted foot tickling with the brush…well, maybe I’ll find out next time.

Length: 33:31
Resolution: 1896×1080

Download – Tickled in the Bayou

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