Fettish – Board Room Meeting – Amecia

I was contacted by a female who expressed interest in as she put it, “getting fucked up” by me. After chatting back and forth it was revealed she has only done light bondage and had been tickled for 10 minutes prior.

I asked multiple times if she was SURE she wanted this…she said more than anything.

Delicious words for my sadistic ears.

So this goth gamer girl – a real cutie, arrived. I had asked her what she wanted to try, and Board Room Meeting was something she really wanted.

Fine by me.

Once strapped in, blindfolded and gagged, her toes restrained far enough back to let the Pulverizer do it’s thing – I hit the button…

This video does NOT disappoint.

Length: 21:56
Resolution: 1440×822

Download – Board Room Meeting – Amecia

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