Fettish – Full Body Tickled – Bella Ink

Bella really isn’t a fan of tickling. She’s definitely in the ‘puts up with it’s category. Her feet aren’t the only part of her of course, and I can’t ignore the rest of that body, of course.

So, I get her in a nice ropey hogtie, gag her tightly, and start at her with well,. everything! Bullets taped to her soles and left to run, I get ahold of my vibrating brushes and go to work on her neck, ears, and armpits!

At one point I have the bullets still going, two brushes left vibrating in her armpits, and I dig away in her ribs manually. Talk about overload!

I’m not sure if we’re still friends after this.

Length: 11:36
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Full Body Tickled – Bella Ink

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