Fettish – Joy Ride – Ticklee POV

This is a clip unlike any other I believe. While driving Amecia to the airport on her way home from shooting with me, I decided to punish her one last time. The girl loves being tickled, so I had this little surprise pre-planned.

Having stashed a leather strap and the gloves in my handy bag, I told her to remove her shoes, socks, and place her gorgeous feet in my lap. She complied and I then strapped her up tight, winding the loose end of the leather under my leg, pinning her in place.

I stroked her soles and playfully tickled her black nailed feet some, and then had a wonderful idea. She was to run the camera, fully from her perspective.

Of course, she HAS to keep the camera still, or she would fuck my shot up, right? What results is what I believe to be a wonderful video, with Amecia whimpering, laughing, and cursing – all from her point of view, with her voice obviously dominating through because of the camera being right there.

I won’t ruin it as to why the glove appears but of course it does, and she isn’t happy when I reveal the game about to be played.

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Joy Ride – Ticklee POV

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