Fettish – Tickle Dice pt 1

If you’ve seen my vids before then you know how sensitive Daisy’s feet are. But being the trooper she is she agreed to yet another devious game. Last time we played trivia with our hogtied cutie – this time it’s a chance based game I call Tickle Dice!

This went for an HOUR, so I’m cutting it into several parts. The rules? They’re simple!

Being a nerd at heart, of course I have D&D style dice sitting around. All Daisy had to do, was guess the number on the roll in progression. I start with D4, then on to d6, 8, 10, 12, and 20. When she misses a number, the difference between her guess and the correct number is the minutes of punishment she receives.

Example: I’m on d4. She guesses 1, it rolls 4. She gets 3 minutes straight tickling on those incredibly cute and ticklish feet.

Oh did I mention this happens on the tickle table with her wrapped up tightly in electrical tape with her feet locked in place?

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1440×828

Download – Tickle Dice pt 1

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