FunhouseClips – Ama Rio in Hot Jogger gets the Tickles!

When the hot jogger Ama Rio showed up to a stranger’s house because it was raining out was a very poor mistake on her behalf that’s for sure! She should know better that the man of the house might be a creep but she took her chances anyways. That’s when the silent stranger invited her in but tricked her into the bedroom where she was restrained on the bed. What happened next was a bit crazy, that’s when the creepy man started to tickle her feet with his hair brush. Of course Ama Rio never expected anything like this but the screams of laughter was proof that she was extremely ticklish. If that wasn’t enough he started to use an electric toothbrush on her big feet as well. Too bad for Ama Rio the more she laughed the more he tickled and this went on all day long until the rain stopped and she went on her way!

Length: 5:32
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – FunhouseClips – Ama Rio in Hot Jogger gets the Tickles!

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