GinaryTickleAdventures – Britteni Banks Revenge Tickled By Whitney Morgan

Britteni Banks walks into the kitchen to make some tea…putting it in the microwave & walking away to finish some other things up. Whitney Morgan creeps in the kitchen as Britteni walks away…and she sneaks something into her drink. Britteni comes back and grabs her drink, taking a few sips, and falling to the floor. Britteni wakes up all tied up, confused on what is happening. Whitney wants to get her revenge on Britteni for tickling her. She tickles Britteni up her sides and all over her vulnerable body. Whitney uses all of Britteni’s tickle tools to get her back, making her squirm and laugh as she tickles her entire body.

Length: 13:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Britteni Banks Revenge Tickled By Whitney Morgan

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