GlobalTicklingStudio – Anna Hogties The Stunningly Beautiful And Ticklish Faby!

An especially delicious drop for you today, and a brand new super-hot model discovering she has VERY ticklish soles for the first time! Anna has Faby hogtied on a blanket, and is very keen to see if she is as ticklish as she is hot (spoiler alert – she is!). Anna begins by tickling Faby’s socked feet, which elicits wonderful shy and reluctant laughter from the hogtied beauty, before slowly pulling off Faby’s socks to reveal a breathtaking and flawless pair of big soft smooth (and sensitive) bare soles. Then the real fun begins. Anna works her fingers across Faby’s soles causing her to buck and giggle in hysterical laughter. Anna being a seasoned tickler keeps Faby nice and close, and keeps up the foot tickling to constantly keep Faby guessing what she is going to do next. Matters escalate when Anna applies oil to Faby’s soles, and never having experienced this before it sends her into even deeper hysterics, especially when Anna decides to apply more pressure to her arches (partly clipped in the preview). Anna then breaks out the hairbrush for some tickle-scrubbing action on Faby’s flawless soles, causing full belly laughs from a desperately ticklish Faby as her soles are tickled mercilessly by a gleeful Anna. This one is visually fantastic, and on the strength of it Faby is one of new favorite models no doubt.

Length: 9:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anna Hogties The Stunningly Beautiful And Ticklish Faby!

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