GlobalTicklingStudio – Cara’s Insane Wrapped And Scissor Locked Barefoot Tickling!

Brand new model today in a modified position we are really becoming huge fans of and think you might become so too. Wonderful new frizzy-haired model Cara (27, Size 7 US) finds herself wrapped on the sofa, toe tied, with her soft bare soles propped on Dori the Pedicurist’s lap. Dori has slid Cara’s feet between her legs in a tight scissor leg lock so that Cara’s feet are extra helpless. What follows is a merciless exploration of Cara’s ticklish soles that foot tickling fans are sure to enjoy a lot. Dori is VERY merciless in this one and has an absolute blast tickling Cara. Cara’s reactions when Dori tickles her super sensitive arches are quite something to behold, as she leans forward before falling backwards again exploding in hysterical laughter and disbelief that this woman is able to drive her so crazy with foot tickling. When it comes to breaking out the brush, things get even more crazy. Dori readjusts her leg lock even tighter, pulls Cara’s toes back so her super ticklish soles are taut, and then unleashes a tickle scrubbing fury with the brush that has Cara delirious with hysterical laughter.

Length: 8:04
Resolution: 1942×930

Download – Cara’s Insane Wrapped And Scissor Locked Barefoot Tickling!

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