GlobalTicklingStudio – Ceci’s Extreme Barefoot Stocked Tickling!

Ceci has had a blast so far using her new stocks on a nice array of models, but of course it was only a matter of time before she found herself trapped in her own device. We thought we would go a bit more extreme for her, so stipulated tight plastic wrap, a blindfold, and lots of nonstop tickling and teeth NIBBLING on her helpless ticklish bare soles. But who to draft in to administer such a ? There was only one model that fit the bill, Ceci’s good friend and fellow tickler, Naz! Naz looks pretty damn hot in this one too!

The first few minutes let you know Ceci is really out of her depth in this setup as each stroke and tickle from Naz on Ceci’s soles takes Ceci unawares, and she begs Naz to stop immediately, but Naz is under strict instructions to be merciless, so proceeds to tickle Ceci’s feet ruthlessly. Then follows a 3 minute section where all Naz does is nibble Ceci’s soles and toes, keeping her guessing about where she will strike next the whole time. Naz then lubes up Ceci’s soles and proceeds to her vigorously with her nails and the hairbrush for the remainder of the video leaving Ceci an exhausted tickly mess by the end.

Length: 10:01
Resolution: 1412×794

Download – Ceci’s Extreme Barefoot Stocked Tickling!

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