GlobalTicklingStudio – Faby’s Held Down Hysteria!

Faby and Neho gave each other as good as they got with their first foot tickling clips, but now we move on to some fantastic upper body content with them. Up first is Faby, who is straddled by super cute waif Neho, while Isa perches on her bound hands and arms holding her down for the tickling to come. Neho has a blast tickling Faby’s belly, sides and underarms. Quite adorably Neho cannot quite master the art of the zerbert, but more than makes up for it with tickling with her fingers, making Faby squirm and giggle in her hot checkered flag two-piece outfit that exposes her soft ticklish belly. At the halfway mark Faby is in real trouble, as Isa and Neho swap positions, and her underarms and belly are lubed up with oil for added sensitivity. Isa being a much more experienced tickler gets more hysterical laughter out of Faby, and teaches her what tummy zerberts are all about, and it turns out that Faby can’t stand that when it’s done with gusto. Isa’s favorite move with Faby here was to give her a belly zerbert while tickling her armpits with both hands, driving the poor model crazy with ticklish laughter.

Length: 8:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Faby’s Held Down Hysteria!

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