GlobalTicklingStudio – Faby’s Hot Revenge On Neho’s Ticklish Soles!

Pretty newcomer Neho had a ball tickling Faby in the last video, but of course the tables needed to be turned and now Neho finds herself bound with her gorgeous feet at the mercy of a vengeful Faby. It takes Faby some time exploring Neho’s soles to find just the right combination to get her laughing wildly, and it turns out that the oil was the catalyst needed to do that. Once that is applied we have a very giggly Neho reacting wonderfully to Faby’s nails skittering up and down her soles. Matters intensify for Neho when the brush is deployed, and Faby really enjoys scrubbing her former tormentor’s pretty ticklish soles, and often looks back to see the cute ticklish reactions of Neho as she tickles her feet.

Length: 8:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Faby’s Hot Revenge On Neho’s Ticklish Soles!

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