GlobalTicklingStudio – Gabi Tickles Student Thiany’s Big Bare Soles!

Today we have the return of popular student model Thiany and her big ticklish bare soles. Gabi has Thinay wrapped with her feet propped up at the end of couch, toe-tied and ready for some laughs. Gabi tickles lightly for a few seconds to gauge her new victim (never having worked with Thiany before), and when she is rewarded with squirms and laughter, wraps her arm around Thiany’s ankles tucking them tightly, and then proceeds to really dig in and tickle those big smooth bare feet driving Thiany wild. Gabi also sneaks in quite a lot of nibbling, which was not in the script, but we’re not complaining, as it gets some wonderful high-pitched reactions from Thiany!

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1472×828

Download – Gabi Tickles Student Thiany’s Big Bare Soles!

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