GlobalTicklingStudio – Irama Tickles Gabi’s Upper Body without Mercy!

That devilish tickler Irama is at it again! This time she has poor ticklish Gabi (41) tied down on the bed with her arms secure tightly above her head, and has straddled her intent on having a few good laughs! Irama teases Gabi with light then hard tickles on her stomach, underarms and sides, but it is Gabi’s underarms that get the serious belly laughs, and Irama zeroes in on that like the skilled tickler she has very quickly become, darting her fingers in and out of the smooth hollows of her helpless giggly victim, offering very brief respite only to allow her to begin tickling with renewed vigor once again. Irama as usual is having the best time, and by the end Gabi is an exhausted, sweaty giggly mess!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1538×866

Download – Irama Tickles Gabi’s Upper Body without Mercy!

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