GlobalTicklingStudio – Jamie’s Extreme Facedown Foot Tickling!

Every now and then we get a custom that we are really on board with, and this is definitely one of them. Dori the tickling pedicurist is unleashed here on her poor and very ticklish real life pedicure client, Jamie. Jamie is wrapped up tight face down, toe tied, and blindfolded for extra sensory depravation. Dori is given a full 15 minutes to tickle Jamie’s soft sensitive bare soles constantly while sitting atop her legs to limit attempts to wiggle away, and she is RUTHLESS! Dori talks to and teases Jamie throughout as she probes and tickles, giving her a play-by-play while finding the spots on Jamie’s soles that she just cannot stand to be tickled. The first five minutes is finger tickling, then finger tickling with lots of lotion on her extra soft ticklish soles, followed by an INTENSE five minute tickle-scrubbing with the brush. Jamie is the type of model that is very ticklish but can absorb a lot of tickling, so perfect for this setup. If you are a fan of close-up wiggling ticklish bare feet than simply cannot escape, this is definitely one for you.

Length: 15:12
Resolution: 1474×830

Download – Jamie’s Extreme Facedown Foot Tickling!

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