GlobalTicklingStudio – Jessy’s Merciless Upper Body Tickling of Nerdy Valentina!

Jessy is back after a short absence, and this time we’ve paired her up with fellow student Nerdy Valentina for Valentina’s first ever upper body tickling video. Is Valentina as ticklish on her belly/ribs/armpits as she is on her feet? We would speculate that yes, yes she is, perhaps even more so. In this one we are treated to the sight of pretty Jessy, who has just the most amazing sadistic smile, straddling Valentina and completely going to tickle-town on the bookish beauty. Valentina’s bellybutton is clearly a favorite and very sensitive spot for Jessy to , as are the smooth hollows of Valentina’s bare underarms – difficult to pick which are more ticklish as both being touched cause Valentina’s laughter to go up an octave. Jessy also breaks out some lube for Valentina’s belly and armpits, which of course only adds to her ticklish woes.

Length: 8:10
Resolution: 1604×902

Download – Jessy’s Merciless Upper Body Tickling of Nerdy Valentina!

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