GlobalTicklingStudio – Karen Is All Smiles!

Ceci The Tickler has another new model wrapped up with her feet at her mercy now. Pretty Karen is all smiles and giggles throughout this one as Ceci zeroes in on the most sensitive spots on her very smooth and expressive soles. Karen’s weak spots are definitely in her arches, and is very happy once she locates this spot. Karen is not a constant wild laugher, more giggles with bursts of hysteria when Ceci gets her just right or off guard. That is until Ceci breaks out the oil and brush, THAT completely throws Karen off balance, and with the excellent leverage provided by having her toe tied wrapped soles gripped between her strong thighs, Ceci is able to really exploit Karen’s weakness for having her bare soles tickle brushed, causing Karen to lose it and tilt her head back in hysterical laughter.

Length: 8:06
Resolution: 1920×920

Download – Karen Is All Smiles!

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