GlobalTicklingStudio – Leydi’s Held Down Hysteria!

It’s been all foot tickling this week, so we thought we’d round out with a wild new held down hysteria video with popular newcomer Leydi (23). Leydi finds herself held down by her friend (Yaz- great stuff coming with her being tickled soon), but more troublingly sat atop her is that most merciless of pedicurists, Dori! Dori hasn’t done a huge amount of upper body tickling, but takes to it like a duck to water, slowly teasing Leydi’s exposed belly and underarms, before really dialing up the tickling to 11. Leydi’s belly is plenty ticklish, but it is her soft hollows in her underarms that drive her wild. Dori exploits this to great effect, and at the halfway mark adds baby oil to Leydi’s armpits, which drives her completely nuts with hysterical laughter. Upper body folks should love Leydi in this one!

Length: 8:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Leydi’s Held Down Hysteria!

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