GlobalTicklingStudio – Mariana’s Intense Stocked Foot Tickling Torment!

The super-foot ticklish Mariana has found herself as the subject of an awesomely long and ruthless GTK custom request. Mariana finds herself wrapped, toe tied and stuck in the sofa stocks, and unfortunately for her the model that will be tickling her bare feet nonstop for 15 minutes is none other than Ingrid. To make matters worse, Ingrid has been given instructions to be a merciless as she possibly can be with Mariana.

Ingrid starts out with a few minutes of intense tickling with her fingers, which drives Mariana plenty nuts, hysterical laughter, begging and giggly squeals fill the air as Ingrid works here magic fingers up and down Mariana’s soles and between her toes. But then the main event begins, which entails Ingrid oiling up Mariana’s soles and beginning with an intense and ruthless brush tickling session with a broad pink hairbrush, as well as a comb and another bristly brush, alternating between them to keep Mariana guessing. Not that it matters, as they all produce hysterics from Mariana, and Ingrid gets nice and deep into Mariana’s extremely ticklish arches by grabbing her toes to hold them back often.

Ingrid truly enjoys tormenting Mariana in this way, has a crazy amount of fun and is not afraid to show it, winking, smiling and talking to the camera periodically without stopping her ticklish work on Mariana’s wiggling helpless bare soles. This one is quite a wild ride and fans of intense foot tickling should be well satisfied.

Length: 15:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mariana’s Intense Stocked Foot Tickling Torment!

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