GlobalTicklingStudio – Nati’s Extreme Barefoot Hogtied Tickling!

A very special drop for you today, in the form of one of our absolute favorite customs of recent months. We are visiting again with Anna and her crew, specifically the very hot Isa and Nati.

Isa has Nati hogtied, gagged and blindfolded on the floor, with Nati pulled up close to her on her lap, and Nati’s astoundingly hot bare feet within close reach. Isa is super mischievous in this one, teasing Nati verbally throughout. Nati’s soles were extra sensitive at this shoot, event we were surprised with how extra ticklish she was, likely a result of the evil genius customer stipulating the blindfold, light gag and blindfold. The moment Isa touches Nati’s soles we are off the the races, she giggles and laughs uncontrollably through her gag, and Isa’s wicked nails dance across her soles, with Isa even restraining each foot in turn more so she can really dig in and drive Nati wild, which completely works. Isa laughs maniacally as she inflicts this wondrous foot tickling on Nati, the red lipstick, nails and look generally really fit the part for this one.

Once the lotion is deployed, it highlights even more both how hot Nati’s soles are, and how exceptionally ticklish she was for this shoot, bucking and laughing and begging to no avail for Isa’s mercy. A real highlight is when Isa pauses and retrieves the brush. Everything goes quiet except some murmuring questions from Nati, and Isa holds the brush up, only we know what is about to happen. As soon as contact is made, Isa ups the ante considerably, grabbing each slickly lotioned sole and tickle-scrubbing it with absolute joy to the sounds of Nati’s hysterical laughter.

We implore you to check out the preview, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, but gives a real flavor of how fun this one is. Feet tickling fans will be in hog-heaven. This is also a 15-minute video, so you’re getting all of the above quality tickling action by the bucket load!

Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nati’s Extreme Barefoot Hogtied Tickling!

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