GlobalTicklingStudio – Neho Is Merciless With Faby’s Ticklish Soles!

The very ticklish and popular model Faby returns now, and is tickled by the gorgeous newcomer, Neho. Faby has her upper body wrapped in plastic with her ankles tied together on the sofa, with her wonderfully soft and ticklish bare soles propped up right in front of Neho. Neho does a fantastic job as a first time ‘ler, and as you can tell by her facial expressions throughout, has so much fun tormenting Faby with nonstop foot tickling. Faby’s soles are stunning, and she flexes them a lot to try to deal with Neho’s tickling, showing off her light pink toe polish and often wrinkling her soles. Neho is a very persistent foot tickler, staying in control the whole time, and manipulating Faby’s feet into positions where she can get the most leverage for tickling Faby’s soles. Faby’s reactions are superb, and she reacts especially well to having her oiled soles tickled by Neho’s nails and the brush.

Length: 8:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Neho Is Merciless With Faby’s Ticklish Soles!

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