GlobalTicklingStudio – Neho’s Intense Held Down Hysteria!

We now come to sexy waif Neho’s turn for some held down upper body tickling hysteria, and this is definitely the worst position for her to be in as she is so very helplessly ticklish on her upper body. Right from the jump where Isa is straddling her and begins to probe her belly, ribs and underarms you can tell Neho cannot stand to be tickled in this way. Adorable laughter, begging and bucking follow quickly as experienced tickler Isa has a great time exploring Neho’s sensitive spots, with lots of tummy zerberts thrown in for goof measure. Being so slight, Neho can do nothing but giggle and beg about the tickling she is having to endure. At the halfway mark Faby takes over to get her revenge for the tickling Neho dished out on her in the last video, with the added bonus of oil being applied to Neho’s belly and underarms which drives her wild with ticklish laughter. Faby also has a grand time as tickler, delighting in the tickling vengeance she is administering to a helplessly ticklish hot woman writhing underneath her with ruthless fingers and merciless zerberts.

Length: 8:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Neho’s Intense Held Down Hysteria!

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