GlobalTicklingStudio – Nessy’s Intense Held Down Hysteria!

We realized that Nessy had yet to undergo any upper body tickling, and so this clip takes care of that oversight. Nessy finds herself held down to begin with by the adorable and hot Neho, while the very skilled Isa tickles her out of her mind. Isa has a ton of fun with Nessy, especially when she realizes just how insanely ticklish she is on her upper body, and how even light zerberts on her stomach send her into peals of laughter and begging (in English too!). Isa’s long nails wreak ticklish havoc on Nessy, before the equally merciless Neho takes over, lathering oil on Nessy’s belly and underarms before using her own nails to tickle Nessy senseless. Literally any touch on Nessy’s armpits, belly or sides drive her wild, so Isa and Neho have a very easy and fun job in this clip!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nessy’s Intense Held Down Hysteria!

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