GlobalTicklingStudio – Nino Tickles Yanara’s Soles in the Vertical Stocks!

Smokeshow Nino has two new toys – one is her new vertical stocks, which she absolutely LOVES for tickling the soles of her models feet. The other is Yanara, a brand new super cute 27 year old model with extremely soft and ticklish soles, and a musical desperate laugh. Put them together and you have a superb new format for Nino to showcase her foot tickling talent. This was the first video attempt using the new stocks, so it is somewhat of a beta test. We have since filmed more with different camera angles, and additional ballast weight added to the frame – turns out there is engineering involved with this stuff sometimes, who knew? So bondage nerds know that this is somewhat of a work in progress, please spare us your merciless criticism for now at least.

Nino’s thirst for foot tickling however is as highly developed as ever in this one, and she really gets newbie Yanara good on her feet, loving every moment of having her soft soles right at her fingertips and unable to escape at all. Yanara is extremely sensitive to the oil and hairbrush scrubbing her ticklish soles.

Length: 7:02
Resolution: 1604×902

Download – Nino Tickles Yanara’s Soles in the Vertical Stocks!

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