GlobalTicklingStudio – Paola’s Turn For Held Down Hysteria!

Back now to the last video in our current Held Down Hysteria series, and it’s now cutie Paola’s turn to be held down and tickled without mercy on her upper body. Alejandra takes first shift as ‘ler, and is highly motivated from the tickles that Paola had given her in the last video. Alejandra explores Paola’s sensitive armpits, a spot that draws some of the most adorable giggles you are ever likely to hear, but strikes gold when she tries blowing a deep long zerbert on Paola’s soft ticklish stomach, causing Paola to howl with hysterical laughter as she helplessly takes her . Angie takes over at about the halfway mark, oiling up Paola’s underarms and belly, focusing more on the latter than Alejandra did, but getting equally wonderful laughter. Alejandra not being satisfied in just holding down Paola’s bound arms and wrists, decides to get back in on the fun and worms her skilled fingers back into Paola’s armpits shocking Paola and increasing her laughter even more. Alejandra and Angie get a solid upper body tickle revenge here!

Length: 8:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paola’s Turn For Held Down Hysteria!

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