GlobalTicklingStudio – Paty’s Sensitive Soles Tickled Up Close By Naty & Isa!

We return to Anna and friends for some fantastic soles close-up foot tickling action today. The very ticklish and beautiful Paty finds herself handcuffed and toe tied on the bed with the super hot Naty tickling her soles solo with those wickedly long nails of hers. Paty’s reactions are superb, and about 3 minutes in Isa with her even longer nails, adorably mischievous smile and green dye-job joins the fun, causing Paty to howl with even more laughter. After being double-teamed with fingernail tickles, Naty then retrieves a stiff brush and scrubs Paty’s sensitive soles while Isa holds her feet still by gripping her tied toes. Naty discovers that the brush works remarkably well on Paty, especially when she uses it on her soft arches and heels.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paty’s Sensitive Soles Tickled Up Close By Naty & Isa!

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