GlobalTicklingStudio – Smokeshow Nino Has Some VERY Ticklish Armpits!

Yesterday we saw Smokeshow Nino’s debut as an upper body tickler, but today the tables have been turned and she finds herself on the business end of a major upper body revenge tickling from the devilish tickler Irama. Does Nino have very ticklish armpits? The clue is in the title, of course she does! Nino has extremely ticklish smooth hollows that respond brilliantly to Irama’s initial soft teasing, and even better when Irama applies pressure to get more extreme rises out of Nino. Irama also tickles her belly and ribs without mercy. Nino has her eyes closed for a lot of the video, just absorbing the tickling as best she can as she cackles with ticklish agony while Irama extracts a fantastic revenge on a helpless Nino!

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1466×824

Download – Smokeshow Nino Has Some VERY Ticklish Armpits!

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