GlobalTicklingStudio – Student Sara Is Hysterical In The Vertical Stocks!

Student Sara was completely without mercy when it came to tormenting the insanely ticklish Yanara, and so it is little surprise that after being tickled that way Yanara was out for revenge. This was Yanara’s first time tickling another model and clearly she learned a lot by being on the receiving end from Sara and Nino in her first few videos as a ‘lee. Yanara has a blast tickling Sara’s perfect soft pale ticklish soles, getting some truly hysterical reactions from the beautiful student. Yanara employs many of the same tactics used to such great effect on her, including holding Sara’s toes so she can easily access her ticklish soles, as well as merciless oiled finger and brush tickling which drives Sara especially nuts given this is her first time in the vertical stocks.

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1532×862

Download – Student Sara Is Hysterical In The Vertical Stocks!

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