GlobalTicklingStudio – Student Sara’s Hot Tickle Session On The Bed!

We visit again today with the explosively ticklish student Sara, who finds herself tied to the bed with fellow student Jessy straddled on top of her with very wicked and ticklish intentions towards her upper body and soles. This one is an excellent custom order from one of our favorite clients, and as you can see Jessy and Sara had a fantastic time making it come to life. Jessy teases Sara a lot by wiggling her wicked looking nails above her armpits before finally letting them descend and skitter into Sara’s flawlessly smooth armpit hollows, which causes Sara to buck and scream with ticklish laughter, occasionally managing to shout out “no por favor!”. But Jessy continues regardless, laughing and smiling, while exploring Sara’s belly and sides a lot, but always returning to her extremely ticklish armpits. For the second half of the video Jessy goes down and sits on Sara’s ankles, again teasing her a little before her nails make contact with Sara’s soft ticklish feet, and we are treated to a number of different angles showing her feet tickled close up, as well as in a wider shot where you can see Sara’s wild reactions and Jessy’s devious grin as she tickles her friend mercilessly. Jessy ends the session with a few minutes of foot scrubbing, which again causes hysterical reactions from the ticklish student Sara.

Length: 10:20
Resolution: 1548×870

Download – Student Sara’s Hot Tickle Session On The Bed!

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