GlobalTicklingStudio – Yanara Is The Perfect Foot Tickling Toy!

Yanara (26) is one of our favorite new models, because she is just hysterically ticklish everywhere, especially on her super sensitive soles. The slightest touch to them brings peals of laughter, she is undoubtedly a perfect foot tickling toy. This is Yanara’s second time in the vertical stocks, but we were in a kind of beta testing phase when she first tried them out. Improvements having been made, she finds the experience MUCH more intense this time, not least because we arranged for the very hot Student Sara to be the model tickling her perfect bare soles. This is Sara’s first time tickling a woman in the vertical stocks, and she absolutely LOVES the freedom and domination for unrestricted nonstop controlled foot tickling it provides.

Yanara’s reactions are perhaps some of the most intense we have captured to date. Her feet are just so darn ticklish. When she is shown the oil, which she remembers from her first video, she freaks out shouting “no, no, no!!!” before Sara quickly applies it to her soles and continues tickling, barely missing a beat. Similarly, when she is shown the brush she totally loses it (picture capped below and in the preview, it’s priceless :)) begging “no, no, por favor!!” before Sara applies it mercilessly to her helpless bare soles, the begging giving way to an adorable smile and wild laughter immediately.

Length: 8:22
Resolution: 1578×888

Download – Yanara Is The Perfect Foot Tickling Toy!

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