GlobalTicklingStudio – Yanara’s Upper Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

New model Yanara (27) has some wonderfully ticklish feet, but we were interested where else she was ticklish. It turns out the answer is everywhere! We gave the gorgeous Student Sara the task of finding her weakest spots as she has quite the flair for tickling models tied down on the bed. Sara did not disappoint, teasing and tickling Yanara mercilessly while all the time having a ton of fun. Sara has Yanara straddled on the bed and dances her long nails up and down her armpits and exposed belly, causing hysterical laughter to pour out of Yanara with every stroke. At the halfway point Sara is handed a bottle of lotion. Yanara knowing what that means from her foot tickling in the vertical stocks exclaims “no! no!” before smiling and resigning herself to the intensified tickling Sara is about to gleefully lay on her upper body. Sara wastes no time lubing up Yanara’s belly and armpits, and then proceeds to skitter her nails across Yanara’s sensitive skin causing her to buck and giggle uncontrollably.

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1510×850

Download – Yanara’s Upper Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

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