GlobalTicklingStudio – Yessica’s Held Down Hysteria!

Back now to some upper body tickling fun, and three video series with Yessica, Mariana and Noheli. Up first in the hot seat is Yessica (her of the mesmerizingly ticklish soles). Noheli will hold her bound arms while Mariana takes first crack at finding Yessica’s most ticklish spots on her upper body, but that is basically everywhere so not the most difficult of tasks! Mariana gets some great ticklish reactions from Yessica’s sides, underarms and belly (plenty of zerbert action too!) before swapping places with Noheli. Noheli being physically much more imposing dominates Yessica quite a bit more than Mariana, and is more firm in ensuring that Yessica gets her fair share of upper body tickling torment, and is particularly ruthless with Yessica’s ticklish armpits, and with blowing zerberts on her sensitive tummy. Really fun first round of this series, nice playful vibes between the models, and of course lots of ticklish laughter from Yessica.

Length: 8:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yessica’s Held Down Hysteria!

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