GlobalTicklingStudio – Yessica’s Mesmerizing Ticklish Bare Soles!

Naz is back with a brand new model, Yessica, who’s soles are as mesmerizing as they are ticklish. Naz has Yessica wrapped up on the sofa and toe tied, and as soon as she starts tracing her fingers up Yessica’s perfect soles she realizes she is about to have a lot of fun with these feet. Yessica wiggles her feet and flexes her toes constantly, as though she is trying to reduce how much the tickling is getting to her, but it makes no difference as Naz alternates between tickling her soft soles and between those flexing toes. Yessica periodically bucks forward while laughing hysterically when Naz hits the most sensitive spots on her feet, and depsite it clearly tickling a lot is enjoying the experience throughout. Once the oil goes on her soles though it is definitely game over for Yessica, and even more so once the neon pink hairbrush makes contact with her slick bare soles.

Length: 7:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yessica’s Mesmerizing Ticklish Bare Soles!

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