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Jess has come to the end of term at tickle school and its time for her end of term review with school headmistress Dani. Dani runs a strict and severe regime and has decided that failure is not an option and if students do fail they will be made to strip and then be humiliated in Blue Goo, all whilst being filmed so all other students can watch in there next lesson.

For the exam Jess will be subjected to tickling in 4 areas and has to survive 30 seconds of tickling without laughing or flinching. Failure will result in being stripped naked and then once naked will be covered in thick blue gunky goo.

So Dani sets about the exam by starting with Jess’s feet, and lets just say things don’t go to well for Jess and its not long before Dani has her stripping out of her bikini top and shorts. Dani then gives Jess one more chance before the Blue Goo and goes for her other foot, but within seconds Dani is pouring thick Blue Goo over Jess. Dani then massages this into Jess whilst Jess sits and describes how lovely and gunky the goo is.

Next test is the back test, and Dani goes about tickling up the spine and bottom, only to find Jess is resisting, until she finds a sweet spot and its more blue goo for Jess.

The 3rd test is behind the ears, the neck and shoulder, which Jess does withstand for a certain amount of time, but within seconds of completing the test failure ensues and more Blue Goo.

For the final test, Dani gives Jess and option take the test or take the rest of the bucket, so after a second thought Jess decides to just go for the bucket and gets all the remaining goo covering her, with Dani massaging it in again, then it’s time to say goodbye and the video to be shown to all her other student friends.

Length: 5:34
Resolution: 854×480

Download – Jess Tickle Challenge

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