HannahInFetishland – Now that’s Hilarious

Hannah Perez and Sadie Holmes just get done robbing six figures from the bank. And Sadie was stupid enough to take her mask off during the heist. Sadie laughs it off saying they got away with it, but Hannah does not think it is funny one bit. Hannah begins hitting Saide and putting her in a sleeper hold. Once she weakens Sadie enough she puts her hand over Sadie mouth putting her to rest. Hannah tells Sadie she is going to show her something funny while she is rest. Sadie wakes up hogtied, ballgagged and stripped down to her lingerie. Hannah duct tapes the ball gag in place and Sadie then begins to wake up when Hannah starts to tickle her. Sadie sturggles in her binds while being tickled. Hannah hopes Sadie has learned her lesson. But just to take things a bit further, Hannah gets a special bag for Sadie. Sadie won’t have anymore lessons to learn.

Duration: 15:41.373
Size: 1 167,161 Mb

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