HannahInFetishland – The Tickle Box Returns

Karly Salinas and Indica Fetish are napping when Hannah Perez takes care of these two napping beauties. Worshiping their pantyhose feet. Karly is just in her lingerie and pantyhose. Indica is sitting in the tickle box and she begins waking up when Hannah tickles her feet. Karly stays rest for a while even after Indica wakes up and is laughing from her feet being tickled. Hannah gives Karly’s feet some attention but doesnt realize she wakes up. Kalry ends up making Hannah go to rest with hitting her over the head with a heel. They end up ganging up on Hannah while she is out and putting her into the tickle box. Once she wakes up she gets both of her feet tickled by Indica and Karly.

Duration: 10:46.579
Size: 791,421 Mb

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