HannahInFetishland – Tickle Master

Hannah Perez is talking to a friend on the phone about the sleepover her step-daughter is having with a few friends. Next thing Hannah knows Elaina is walking into her room. Hannah gets off the phone and asks what is going on. Elaina needed to get away from the other girls for a little bit because they all knew that Elaina is very ticklish and they took advantage of that. Hannah lets her stay but not letting her know that she wont be safe there now. Hannah was the tickling master and before Elaina knows it Hannah is tickling her also. They go around for some time and piecce by piece Elaina’s clothes come off. Confused but all Hannah is doing to her is tickling her. Will Elaina be safe in this house for the night?

Duration: 16:24.350
Size: 1 206,887 Mb

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