HotGirlsTickling – 18 Year Old Blonde Party Girl gets Tickle Attacked!

I was in partying last weekend in a club and saw this beautiful looking blonde girl. She was wearing a wonderful dress combined with black high heels. Long story short – She looked super-hot! The first intention? How ticklish is she and how sensitive are her feet! Not wasting any more time, I was talking to her and could convince her to a session. I really wanted to tickle attack this 18 year old blonde party girl… Can I introduce you – Victoria!

Katarina and I got her really bad – she is really ticklish and has such a beautiful smile, it is unbelievable! But things getting even more stunning… After the session, she told me that she liked to be in handcuffs and the feeling of being tickled helpless without a way of getting out!!! I was thinking that I am probably dreaming, but Katarina heard it also… She wanted to make a photo with handcuffs for her Instagram and directly asked me when we can make another session… Okay Victoria, but next time we will tie you up in Katarinas bed and Liza will tickle you 25 min without any safe word… I really want to see this blonde girl getting tickled to the extreme and beg Liza for stopping!! Who would like to see it??

One of the hottest and most ticklish girls we ever had!

Length: 26:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 18 Year Old Blonde Party Girl gets Tickle Attacked!

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