HoustonFootFetish – Cosplay Chronicles Vol 2 Tickle Me Senpai

Continuing on with the session, the AnimeCon participant convinces the two Cosplay Queens, Lua Saturnii and Zelda to do some foot tickling. Since this is their first session and they are relatively new to this he decides not to go fully in with rope, as to make them full more comfortable and not having them fully bound and restrained like he would usually do with others. But these Waifu material Sailor Moons are still in for quite a ride as he goes from 0 to 100 relatively quickly with the tickling of their bare pink size 8.0″ feet. They both learn pretty fast that they are extremely ticklish and their sensitive cosplay soles are very vulnerable to his intense and rapid tickling methods, not even including his tickling torment tools designed to procure & produce maximum laughter. To his credit though, he does start off relatively light to make them feel at ease, but this is a false sense of security for the two ladies as they find out the hard way that he was just testing their sensitivity of their feet and seeing where their most ticklish spots are for the best and most explosive reactions much to their dismay & much to his delight! Their mental and physical anguish is captured so well in their knee jerk reactions to having their feet tickled and they have such an innocent appearance that makes it all the more pleasurable of an experience since they are in full cosplay mode!!

Length: 8:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cosplay Chronicles Vol 2 Tickle Me Senpai

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