HoustonFootFetish – Desi girl next door gets blitz tickled on the couch

New Desi Girl next door, India, get her first introduction to being blitz tickled. Many forms of tickling devices are used in very rapid succession of each other with her barely getting time to breathe or recoup herself. The tickle assault is merciless & calculated and her reactions are most epic and hilarious. I found myself laughing just as much if not more than her at her over the top antics and reactions to being tickled so furiously. A lot of the tickle devices were her very first time she’s seen them so her candid responses were both blissful and curious wonder on her part which I relish. This is most definitely an instant classic and one of my favorite tickle videos I’ve produced so far and we had a very fun & genuine time making it! She is going to have to get tickled again in the near future because this was lightning in a bottle so check it out ASAP!!!!!!

Duration: 20:19.952
Size: 1 115,957 Mb

Download – Desi girl next door gets blitz tickled on the couch

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