HoustonFootFetish – Ebony cutie is tied up and tickled to her limits

In this never-before-seen tickling clip we have ebony cutie pie Sherri and her cute size 8.0 feet to tickle torment. She is securely tied by both her ankles and her wrists. A wide assortment of tickle torment devices are on hand for maximum entertainment and variety. Even while being completely tied up she still struggles, flinches, squirms, and other evasive tactics but that just makes it even more fun for the Ler. She is eventually fully subdued and tickled on the bottom of her plush ebony soles vigorously & mercilessly. Multiple times she is so overwhelmed as the Lee that she falls over sideways in a fit of uncontrollable laughter which was definitely a highlight for the Ler. Her endurance and voice is put to the test in this clip as the laughter is constant from being tickled against her will and try as she may to escape she is going to be tickled to her limits and she is completely drained of energy & laughter!

Length: 12:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ebony cutie is tied up and tickled to her limits

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