HoustonFootFetish – Light as a feather, stiff as a board (Tickling Edition)

During an intimate girl’s night sleepover, Sablique Von Lux offers to teach Vika a game she likes to play. Vika is at first very hesitant, because she thinks it’s going to be a torment game, but she reluctantly agrees after a little peer pressure from her friend. Sablique then begins to teach Vika the rules of light as a feather – stiff as a board but with a twist. In Sablique’s version of the game she incorporates full body tickling into it, completely changing the tone and aspect of the game. In her tickle torment version, one must stay stiff as a board while being tickled or else the Ler will get to tickle even more intensely to the Lee for not staying stiff. Vika learns this the hard way, as she is literally learning the rules as they go, putting her at a major disadvantage but luckily, she is a quick study. She turns the tables on Sablique in a surprising fashion once it’s her turn to become the Ler as she manages to quickly deduce all of Sablique’s most ticklish spots all over her body. Once a fun bedtime game between friends, quickly escalates into a full body girl on girl tickle fight, including but not limited to: feet, armpits, belly buttons, ribs, knees, and many other naughty areas. The duo expends a very large amount of energy tickling each other relentlessly back and forth and by the end of the game, they are both extremely exhausted and ready for bed as they both are tickled to their absolute limits and can’t take anymore. This was one intense and laughter filled game of Light as a feather / Stiff as a board though!!!!!

Length: 12:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Light as a feather, stiff as a board (Tickling Edition)

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