HoustonFootFetish – Misery loves company The Grinch ruins Lua’s X-Mas party

Lua Saturnii has been looking forward all year for this Holiday party she’s about to attend, too bad The evil Grinch has other plans. She’s getting ready in the bathroom when Grinch sneaks up behind her and puts her under a state of duress. He begins to tickle her upper body and armpits relentlessly with no mercy. He doesn’t care one bit that she’s laughing and screaming so hard that she is running out of breath. He is very intent on ruining her holiday and the upcoming party she’s trying to go to. She begs, pleads and struggles to get away and for him to stop the tickle assault on her armpits but the Grinch is only focused on causing her anguish, suffering, and misery. She absolutely hates being tickled by his furry fingers and the tickling is far worse on her armpits because she hadn’t had a chance to shave them yet which works further in his favor of causing maximum suffering. The grinch really does thrive on her being tickled & the fact that he is also ruining her holiday is the icing on the cake for him. Before leaving her in a further state of sorrow he does let her know he has every intention of ruining her X-mas again next year as he laughs evilly and runs off. Lua’s holiday fun is now ruined and she throws her Santa hat to the ground in a state of utter defeat.

Duration: 5:20.953
Size: 913,737 Mb

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